AAR: Pianzza Armerina, July 16th, 1943 (a Poor Bloody Infantry tabletop wargame)

After the landings near Pachino on July 10th, 1943 the Second Canadian Brigade pushed North.  By noon on July 16th they were three miles south of Pianzza Armerina when a large explosion on the road halted their advance. At this point the Loyal Edmonton Regiment was in the lead. "C" Company had been riding on the sherman tanks of the Three Rivers Regiment in the vanguard. "C" Company dove for cover as they came under machine gun fire from the nearby slopes. 
Brigadier J.C. Jefferson ordered "C" Company to take the slopes on the right side of the road and "A" Company was ordered to clear the left.  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Our Poor Bloody Infantry (PBI) game takes place with "A" Company attempting to clear the left side of the roadway.  Here are our initial deployments for the game. Two Loyal Edmonton Regiment (Loyal Eddies) platoons starte…

Upcoming - Edmonton Wargamer's Group Game night - January 7th, 2020

Pianzza Armerina, July 16th, 1943 (a Poor Bloody Infantry tabletop wargame)

“It was some kind of country… everything went uphill! We had to march on primitive cobble roads; when these ended it was only a simple track. We couldn’t have done it without mules; no room for transport inland; this bears what I have said before – anything we did in England did not, in the end, prepare us for this terrain or fighting, other than (of course) stamina.” Interview, Private Stanley Chettleborough, Nov, 1983 Brown, Shaun R.G., “The Loyal Edmonton Regiment at war, 1943-45” (1984), Theses and Dissertations (Comprehensive), 11,

With the success of the Husky landings on July 10th, the Canadian Second Brigade pushed North from the landing beaches near Pachino. By July 16th they were within three miles of Pianzza Armerina when machine gun fire and a large explosion on the road halted their advance. "C" Company of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment who were in the vanguard r…

2020 Project - Research the Loyal Edmonton Regiment

There was an old soldier in my town named Peter Wilfred Tomkins, Service#M50680.
I remember him telling me that he served with the Loyal Edmonton Regiment. He mentioned Italian towns like Pachino and Campobasso. He told his grandson (my good friend) that he used to climb into knocked out German tanks looking for schnapps and that some Italian girls wanted him to stay in Italy when the war was over. Old Peter's granddaughter thought that he served with the 5th Canadian Armoured Division not the Loyal Eddies (as the Loyal Edmonton Regiment was called). So I have a mystery; with whom did he serve?
Fortunately there is the Loyal Edmonton Regiment Military Museum here in Edmonton for me to start with. Loyal Edmonton Regiment Military Museum

I'll begin my search there. I came across some interesting write ups on the LERM Museum website including a Quarterly newsletter that they post to their website.

I also found the Canadian Military History Journal.
Canadian Military History
There …

One stand of Foot knights - Done

I checked out YouTube and looked for tutorials on how to paint armour.
Found a great one from Pete the Wargamer called: Perry Miniatures Tutorial: How to Paint Foot Knights

Thanks Pete!
It gave me some inspiration to start cleaning, gluing and painting some of my Perry's.
So here is my first bloke.

I'll admit, I'll keep my day job but at least They'll be ready to take to the field and put down those Lancastrian pretenders!
Soon lads! Soon!

Projects for 2020

I'm looking forward to 2020 and hope to get back into gaming. So I'll list a few of my projects and thoughts.

I recently purchased Commands & Colors Ancients (looking at purchasing the Medieval one soon) and enjoyed the system. I do however want to try to adapt it to a square grid as opposed to a hexagonal grid. Why?   I like straight lines maybe??

I also purchased some blank blocks with plans to put on some medieval unit stickers I made from an old RPG game called Birthright. It was an AD&D Campaign setting which had cards with images for units so you could fight large scale battles. they still need some work.

I also created some stickers for ancient rome so I could have some personalized Generals/Commanders. Anyone recognize the faces?? lol.
Who will they be commanding? Blocks maybe or these 10mm romans I'm working on. planing to put these plebs on 40x30mm bases, two ranks to a base except for the command, I'll put three ranks.

And of course a new War of the …

Edmonton Wargamer's Group - December 17th - game night - After Actions Report

Edmonton Wargamer's Group - December 17th - game night

Rules: Crossfire
Players:Chen-song (British forces) and myself (German Fallschirmjagers)

The game was an introductory game for Chen-song as he said he's heard about Crossfire but hasn't played it. I was thankful to run the game as I have to dust the cobwebs off my brain as I hadn't played Crossfire for a while.

British launched an assault from the West upon the destroyed village of Ambreville with the objective to seize two of the three houses at the crossroads. Heavy hedgerows, forests and orchards provided cover for the infantry but were obstacles for the pair of sherman tanks that were to be used as support.

First (Red) Company made a push to the south of the village. 1st platoon was immediately caught in some woods where they were pinned/suppressed by German MG42 fire.
2nd platoon was able to flank further to the South and brought some fire upon the entrenched Germans, killing a squad of Germans.

The Germans we…