Command & Colors - War of the Roses - Battle of Blore Heath - Sept 23rd, 1459 has a ton of information regarding the War of the Roses. I used the website as my source material for my C&C Blore's Heath scenario.

So let's see if those Lancastrian pretenders get smacked like they did historically...

Here is our battlefield and the armies deployed for battle. The accounts indicate the Yorkists built up some defensive works and were on the defensive as they were outnumbered by the Lancastrians. 
Crossing Wemberton Brook and assaulting the Yorkists position is going to be a tough go but with double the number of troops it may be possible. 

I laid out the Command & Colors battlefield as follows;

Yorkist Army Composition:
1 Commander - Richard Neville the Earl of Salisbury
1 Cavalry unit (Medium Cavalry)
2 Longbowmen units (Light Infantry)
8 Billmen units (Medium Infantry)
The Yorkists defensive works are classified as a palisade

Lancastrian Army Composition:
1   Commander - Lord Audley, Noblemen, veteran of the 100 years war
4   Cavalry units (Medium Cavalry)
2   Longbowmen units (Light Infantry)
16 Billmen units (Medium Infantry)

I may make a few paper units without the blocks to see if they are sturdy enough. I think with enough Mod Podge the Lancastrians will hold up to being bashed about by a Yorkist.

Time for the playtest... 


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