New Projects - Canadians in Italy WW2

 I went on a trip down to southern Alberta and hit some used book stores and found a few old gems. 

A decent start for research. Dickens of the Mounted and the Trial of Joan of Arc are more of a personal interest, the other three are for my Canadians World War II research. 

These three books are copyrighted 1969. Reader's Digest created this two volume set with a Tools of War booklet. The have some handy maps in the back which I will make use of. The Tools of war has some neat illustrations. Including one of the most surprisingly useful weapons, the PIAT.

My initial plan was to stick with the Loyal Edmonton Regiment and follow them into Italy, sharing their history while creating some scenarios for historical tabletop rules sets. There are just so many interesting stories with other regiments as well. 

I'll hit the books and follow a timeline as best I can. Once COVID has run its course and we can hit the tabletop again, After Actions Reports should follow. 




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