Projects for 2020

I'm looking forward to 2020 and hope to get back into gaming. So I'll list a few of my projects and thoughts.

I recently purchased Commands & Colors Ancients (looking at purchasing the Medieval one soon) and enjoyed the system. I do however want to try to adapt it to a square grid as opposed to a hexagonal grid. Why?   I like straight lines maybe??

I also purchased some blank blocks with plans to put on some medieval unit stickers I made from an old RPG game called Birthright. It was an AD&D Campaign setting which had cards with images for units so you could fight large scale battles. they still need some work.

I also created some stickers for ancient rome so I could have some personalized Generals/Commanders. Anyone recognize the faces?? lol.
Who will they be commanding? Blocks maybe or these 10mm romans I'm working on. planing to put these plebs on 40x30mm bases, two ranks to a base except for the command, I'll put three ranks.

And of course a new War of the Roses project I'll get working on ASAP. I had some guys painted already for skirmish gaming. I think I'll base them on 60x60mm bases for Pikemen, Dismounted knights and Billmen. I'll base Archers and Handgunners on 60x30mm bases.
The base set up should work for DBA, Days of Knights and for Basic Impetus.


So I had some second thoughts. Instead of basing the Pikemen, Billmen and Dismounted knights on 60x60mm bases I thought I'd mount them to 60x30mm instead. Perhaps three to a base. I kind of like the looks of it. They have enough room to swing a poleaxe.
These 100yrs War foot knights may look a little out of place on the War of the Roses battlefield but they'll have to do for now.


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